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Bikini Makeover to help you get your desired hourglass curves at the hand of Dr. Alexander Aslani

Our Surgeons Personalised Procedure: We help you achieve contoured breasts, shapely buttocks, and a slender waist with the Bikini Makeover procedure in our Medical Clinic in Marbella, Spain. Achieve your perfect hourglass silhouette at the hand of Dr. Alexander Aslani

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why should i get a Bikini Makeover IN MARBELLA, Spain

Characteristics of the Bikini Makeover procedure

Bikini Makeover TREATS

-Small breasts
-Flattened or sagging buttocks
-Excessive stomach fat

Expected Results

With our Bikini Makeover procedure your body will have a countoured hourglass figure.

Treatment Time

The estimated time of the Bikini Makeover surgery is between 3 to 4 hours.


In order to undergo a painless surgery, our surgeons will provide you with General Anesthesia.

Recovery Period

The recovery of the Bikini Makeover procedure is of 6 weeks.

Personalised procedure

As every body has different needs, our team of experts will help you evaluate which techniques should be carried out.

Personalised Bikini Makeover surgery according to your needs

Your plan of treatments is made to match what your body needs to look its best and to match your desired outcome. These treatments use fat grafting (liposculpture) and/or placing silicone implants to shape your body in order to enhance your figure. Our specialised surgeon picks the best way based on how your body looks and what you want to achieve.

When you meet with your surgeon, you will decide on the bikini makeover techniques that will give you the look you want. Some patients only want breast augmentation, while others want both BBL surgery and breast augmentation. Some might choose BBL surgery with implants (Supercharged BBL), while others only need BBL surgery. 

We have a team of specialists in our Plastic Surgery Clinic in Marbella to assess your situation and to accompany you through all the stages of the procedure in order to help you achieve your desired bikini body and ensure your safety.

bikini makeover chica

Bikini Makeover Procedure

The Bikini Makeover is all about enhancing how your breasts, torso, and buttocks look. It is like adding the right curves in the right places, giving your body a more attractive shape. This makeover includes breasts augmentation, 360-degree liposculpture, and a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). Here is what each procedure consists of: 

  • Liposculpture: We use a special tool to carefully remove extra fat from specific areas like the abdomen, thighs, and arms. This helps get rid of fat pockets and highlights your muscles.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery (BBL): We take the fat removed with liposculpture and put it into your buttocks and hips. This makes your buttocks look fuller and more voluminous.
  •  Breast Augmentation: We make your breasts larger and shapelier using either implants or fat from other parts of your body. This gives you fuller and more rounded breasts.
For this type of procedure we must ask you to stay a night in the clinic. However, we put at your disposal our transportation service to make your stay more comfortable.

Meet Dr. Alexander Aslani

Paper-awarded by the American PRS in 2020

In 2020 the American PRS (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal) named Dr. Aslani research paper titled «composite buttock augmentation: the next frontier in gluteal aesthetic surgery», the Best Cosmetic paper of the year. 

Dr. Alexander Aslani has performed more than 14.000 surgeries in more than 24 years of career. 

Certified at

Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität.

Awarded by

Medical and Corporate Livewire as the best Plastic Surgeon in Spain in 2016


Dr. Aslani has held various academic consultant positions at university hospitals in South Africa, Germany and Austria, as well as in the UK

What our patients think of Cirumed Plastic Surgery Clinic

Just in case you want to see what we can do with our patients in our Medical Clinic in Marbella and what they think of our Supercharged BBL procedure.

A base de 153 evaluaciones
Tania Zambrano Castillo jhjbRbcb
Tania Zambrano Castillo jhjbRbcb
Mi doctor 😍😍😍. Es el mejor doctor del mundo hace maravillas con sus manos a cambiado mi vida y sin duda volvería a elegirlo mil veces más ;! Gracias Alexander por todo y por tanto. Y como no a todas mis niñas que me cuidaron tanto y estuvieron en todo momento pendiente de mi . Mil gracias chicas sois adorables!!
Madalina dragomir
Madalina dragomir
5 estrellas para el mejor equipo del mundo. Mi experiencia fue muy agradable, primero porque el resultado de mi cirugía me encanta, despues Pilar , mi coordinadora es muy simpatica y amable, el doctor es el mejor y despues esta Angela, la que me ha cuidado en todo momento despues de la operación. Felicidades a todo el equipo, sois los mejores!
Dolores Olmo arincon
Dolores Olmo arincon
Tenía muchas dudas sobre donde realizarme la lipotransfer, a través de amigas, conocidos, me dieron muy buenas referencias sobre el personal y el trato. Entonces no me lo pensé dos veces, hablé con el doctor y decidí operarme allí. Quedé muy contenta y satisfecha con el resultado y con el trabajo del equipo médico. Sin duda alguna volveré pronto.
lucia ayllon martinez
lucia ayllon martinez
Me operé con el Dr. Aslani hace 3 meses de BBL , la verdad solo tengo buenas palabras , desde el minuto 1 que entras por la puerta hasta que te vas te tratan de maravilla y lo más importante son unos súper profesionales . Lucia fue mi coordinadora súper atenta y pendiente de ti, el equipo de enfermería no puede ser mejor, súper cuadriculado todo , simpáticos y profesionales, y el Dr.Aslani tiene unas manos que valen oro, aún no soy consciente de lo que ha cambiado mi vida gracias a él, volvería a operarme en Cirumed Clinic sin pensarlo 🙃 gracias por cambiarme la vida ❤️
Mars van Dorp
Mars van Dorp
Ik had een litteken bij mijn mond en dat is echt veel minder zichtbaar geworden. Met dank aan Jeannine! Gracias, Adriana
Fadoua Zouaoui
Fadoua Zouaoui
I’m 14 days post op and I’m so happy with the results I was treated so well in the clinic the stuff are professional and the doctor is the best and they have a wonderful after care I feel so blessed because I chose dr aslani thank you for everything
Nina Miromelik
Nina Miromelik
I recently had a bbl here and I must say it is the best decision I have made. Dr aslani is truly the best and I will forever recommend him to anyone who wants to do surgery. The staff is amazing and everyone is so kind and patient with you. By far the most helpful and kind staff I have ever met. I recently had my massage with Peter and I must say he’s amazing. 10/10 recommend this clinic it’s truly the best
Mimi Mimid
Mimi Mimid
I had a wonderful experience with dr aslani and his staff. Everything is extremely well organised. My cordinator was an amazing person named Abi. She made the whole process sooo pleasant and was here to listen to me everytime i needed her. The doctor is an absolut mentor and knows what he does. Im still 10 days post op and already amazed but the results ...
M Riv
M Riv
Todo fue perfecto, desde el trayecto al aeropuerto hasta al apartamento alquilado. Todo está organizado a tiempo. En la clínica, todo está preparado para que te sientas bien y atendida. Todo está al imagen de la reputación del doctor Aslani y el equipo está genial. Las colaboradoras están presentes para responder a cualquier duda y el equipo médico también. Si tendría que hacerlo otra vez, lo haría sin dudas. Gracias al equipo y a la casa curvi también, el doctor Aslani es muy profesional y sabe al verte lo que te corresponde. Hice mi bbl y todo fue más de lo que esperaba ☑️🙏
Cintia Rodriguez perez
Cintia Rodriguez perez
Todos son geniales el doctor,Lucía las enfermeras todos y el doctor unas manos increíbles súper contenta!!


Bikini Makeover Frequent questions

You will need around 6 weeks at the very least to get back to normal after your surgery. During this period, it is important to not perform intense activities or to lift heavy objects, so your body can properly recover. Wearing special compression garments is required, and the cuts made during the procedure should be cleaned as instructed. Moreover, we will give you a pillow to use when sitting down. You will have to put it under your knees to avoid putting pressure on your buttocks. How you sleep will depend on the exact procedures you have had. Our team will walk you through all the essential steps you need to follow during your recovery.

In Cirumed clinic we have a group of experts to assess your unique situation. This surgery is normally performed to patients who wish to enhance their body shape. As this surgeries are personalised, our doctors will determine which procedures you will need after a thorough examination. This surgery is for patients who are looking to augment their breasts, define their waist and enhance their buttocks. 


One of the most common concerns among patients considering the Bikini Makeover Surgery is the level of pain they might experience. Since the Bikini Makeover involves a mix of surgeries, it is quite possible that you might feel uncomfortable afterward. In Cirumed Clinic we want to make sure you do not feel anything during the surgery, therefore, we use general anesthesia that puts you to sleep. We also suggest using regional anesthesia (specifically epidural) alongside it. This combination helps to manage any pain you might feel in the days after the surgery.

To ensure the best results and a smooth recovery, there are certain preparations you should consider before undergoing the procedure.

  1. Stop Smoking: Just like with many surgical procedures, it is crucial to quit smoking at least four weeks before and after the procedure. Smoking can lead to excessive bleeding and hinder the recovery process.

  2. Medication Review: You might need to avoid certain blood-thinning medications before the surgery. Your surgeon will provide guidance on which medications to pause leading up to your procedure.

  3. Fasting: It is important not to eat or drink anything from midnight before the day of your procedure. This fasting requirement ensures a safe anesthesia administration during the surgery.

  4. Discuss Your Concerns: If you have any worries or questions about the procedure, do not hesitate to discuss them with our knowledgeable team. Clear communication ensures that you are well-prepared and comfortable.


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