From a surgeon’s perspective, the Brazilian butt lift is one of the most gratifying of all contemporary Plastic surgery procedures.Very impressive changes in body-shape can be achieved using merely the patient’s own tissue.Scarring is limited to few stab incisions, and the recovery is very limited as compared to comparable operations, like for example buttock silicone implants.
The Brazilian butt lift is an extremely safe procedure is performed correctly. Bear in mind that this applies as long as a couple of safety rules that have to be respected.

Infection is exceedingly rare in Brazilian butt lift surgery, as long as the procedure is performed respecting class A hygienic guidelines. We usually perform Brazilian butt lift surgery in laminar flow controlled theatres with air filters virtually eliminating the bacterial burden operating rooms.
Strictly speaking this may be a bit more than really necessary, since Brazilian butt lift does not involve foreign body material and the risk of infection is very low as such.But we rather play safe.
If strict inside theatre hygiene is not respected, the criss-cross movement of cannulas can spread very nasty infections.

Fat embolism
The risk for this to happen is very low. I have never seen a case in my whole career so far. The key safety factor is to use blunt infiltration cannulas, so vessel perforation and injection into a blood vessel is very unlikely.
However, a serious risk factor for fat embolism is overgrafting.
Overgrafting means that if a surgeon has put as much fat graft into the buttocks as reasonably possible, and then still tries to put  more.
These are circumstances were fat embolism can occur.
The rational of overgrafting is to think that putting more graft will lead to more graft to stay, but this is not true.
If you overfill, the resulting pressure will destroy a higher percentage of your graft, and you may up with less surviving fat than if you had restricted your grafting to the maximum reasonable amount straight away.

Fat necrosis
Again, this is a problem of overgrafting. If you overfill, and don’t respect saturation of tissues, ft necrosis is very likely to occur.
Small fat necrosis is not dangerous and may not require any surgical action, but larger fat necrosis can be very problematic. It can be painful, get infected and the necessary removal can lead to considerable aesthetic damage when removing it.
Again, this can be effectively avoided by abstain from undue overgrafting.

Skin irregularities
This is rather an aesthetic problem.
In Brazilian butt lift surgery,liposuction is usually performed much more superficial than in other operations.
Some also call this “aggressive” liposuction.
The more superficial the liposuction, the higher the risk of irregularities.
Skin irregularity can occur in patients who have little fat to spare and still demand massive grafting.The margin of error in these patients is very low. You have to be aggressive enough to get enough graft for a good result, but you want to avoid irregularity. So yet again, it is the perfect dose that makes the day.

Exaggerated expectations:
Many surgeons with a lot of experience in the procedure will agree that it is the most fascinating of all surgeries.
We can achieve very nice results only working with the patients own tissue, and the changes to the patients shape can be quite drastic.
These characteristics make the procedure appear somewhat magic, which it seems to be for some patients.
On the other hand I experience that this procedure, also, like no other, invites some patients to totally detach their expectations from their anatomy.
If that is the case, patients are likely to be dissatisfied even with a great outcome
Be smart….. patient intelligence, which is nothing else than awareness of your very individual preconditions.
It will enable you to be happier with your surgery outcome.

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