Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive surgery is the origin of Plastic Surgery as such and deals with reconstruction of the body surface and function following trauma, tumor resection or congenital defects. Due to the many different possible reasons for such deformities there is an abundance of reconstructive options.

The department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hospital Quirón Málaga is specializing in reconstructive microsurgery, especially of the head and neck and breast reconstruction.

Microsurgical free-tissue transfer either as skin, fat, muscle, bone or even all different components together allow reconstructive options from simple soft tissue closure to functional reconstruction of deficient facial muscles following palsy. This, on the other side, allows a much more radical resection of malignant tumors without impairing quality of life too much. The loss of her breast due to cancer resection is a very traumatizing event for every woman, impairing her quality of life enormously. Reconstruction of the breast by simply inserting a silicone implant is not always possible after irradiation, and the aesthetic result in many cases less than desirable.

In many cases women are much happier with the feel of their own body tissue for reconstruction of her breast. This can be achieved with various tissue transfers-so called “flaps” for instance as a free tissue-transfer from the lower abdomen, when a block of skin and fat with or without a piece of the abdominal muscle is harvested together with corresponding blood vessels which are than connected to blood vessels in the axilla using microsurgical techniques.

This procedure includes the benefit of aesthetic reshaping of the abdominal wall like in a tummy tuck.

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