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Breast augmentation: Implants versus fat

Different patients request different options, and a solution which is desired by one patient may not be so good for another patient. This does not only apply to breast augmentation, but also to all other types of cosmetic surgery. There is no precut “one-size-fits-all” recipe which applies to all patients, therefore we suggest to take sufficient time to discuss in depth all options between surgeon and patient. Read more “Breast augmentation: Implants versus fat”

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Breast enlargement without implants

Breast enlargement – Autologous fat transplantation

The one of the dreams of Plastic surgery, and like most surgeons (at least the ones that I talk to) is the future of Plastic surgery. Take the patient´s own (autologous) fat from somewhere else and inject it for breast enlargement (or buttocks or face). In the past, this has been a very troublesome procedure since it was very time consuming suctioned fat for transfer, and the survival rates where somewhat unpredictable. Read more “Breast enlargement without implants”

Gynecomastia spain


Scar free male breast reduction

Whilst it is difficult to verify exact statistics, it seems that gynecomastia (male breast reduction) is the most frequent request for cosmetic surgery among males, competing with liposuction and rhinoplasty. Read more “Gynecomastia”

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Combine cesarean section with abdominoplasty ?

The idea sound appealing, because the concept is to use the cesarean incision to perform the abdominoplasty in one go. Nevertheless, our experience with combining a ceasarean with abdominoplasty in the same session is slightly controversial. It may be done, but the rates of certain complications are , although not uniformly confirmed in scientific literature, slightly raised. Read more “Combine cesarean section with abdominoplasty ?”

Breastfeeding after breast augmentation?

Is not normally a problem after straightforward breast enlargement, since the majority of techniques does not interfere with the breast tissue itself, but works underneath the breast muscle or the breast gland.
Scientific data shows that 25% of women having had breast augmentation surgery cannot breastfeed. The number of patients who cannot breastfeed although not having had any breast augmentation surgery is also 25% …this means identical. Read more “Breastfeeding after breast augmentation?”

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Is mammography necessary before aesthetic breast surgery ?

The decision depends also on the preference of the individual surgeon; it is not absolute necessary. In our Cirumed Clinic specialist group, we solved the question in the way that a highly qualified gynecologist furnishes patients before breast enlargement, breast uplift or a breast reduction with a so-called 4-D- ultrasound. Read more “Is mammography necessary before aesthetic breast surgery ?”