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Advances in fat grafting

What are advances in fat transfer techniques in modern aesthetic surgery practice?

In our Marbella practice demand for natural breast augmentation with long lasting results and minimum or no scarring at all is very big. We practice in a very body conscious environment, with very body conscious patients, who mostly embark on a very outdoor orientated lifestyle.

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Natural fat transfer breast augmentation-Water Jetstream technology

For years, women have dreamt of having their breasts augmented using their own fat.

The idea is to get rid of unwanted fat deposits and naturally augment breasts in the same session. Prior attempts at autologous fat transfer to the breast have not proven to be constantly successful. They were successful in some cases, but no so in others, in summary the results were very unpredictable. Read more “Natural fat transfer breast augmentation-Water Jetstream technology”

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Mommy makeovers

Currently, we observe an impressive increase in demand for so called “mommy-makeover” surgery.

Mommy makeover is the usual terminology for the combination of two body contouring procedures, most popular are the combination of breast augmentation/uplift surgery and tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty). Read more “Mommy makeovers”

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Choosing the right implant in breast augmentation

Choosing the right implant in breast augmentation

Individuality is the key to success in any kind of aesthetic surgery, and also for breast augmentation.
There is no one-size-fits-all implant. There are different types of implants for breast enlargement that come in different sizes. Preferences vary amongst patients: one patient may like what the other one may not.

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