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Chloe Sims – Brazilian butt lift

Several types of cosmetic surgeries that have once been thought to be a taboo, Brazilian Butt Lift (butt augmentation) for instance. As time went by, these cosmetic surgeries have gradually been accepted by society.

Today we find more and more celebrities who talk about their Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Chloe Sims has given an interview to “Now Daily” where she talks about her buttocks augmentation. Read more “Chloe Sims – Brazilian butt lift”

Brazilian butt lift results with Body jet liposculpture

Brazilian butt lift result: this case is an excellent example for the massive change that even moderate Brazilian butt lift surgeries can have.

The patient did primarily approach us requesting fat removal but during the consultation it turned out that she was also very unhappy about her “saggy bum”. We suggested making use of the harvested fat for fat transfer in the same session. Read more “Brazilian butt lift results with Body jet liposculpture”