Fat transfer

Fat transfer uses your own fat tissue.

This means that there is no chance for an allergic or adverse reaction.

Natural Breast Augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lift, Hands and Facelift (Voluma)

The surgical perception of fat transfers is changing. This is why you may have heard more about the procedure in the past few months. Traditionally, body implants were the preferred method for sculpting large areas of the body; fat transfers were limited to smaller applications. Then, surgeons began to test the effects of larger-volume fat transfers for standard body modification procedures.

There are two main reasons for the switch:

1.  A fat transfer is already bio-compatible (recognized by your body). Since it comes from your body’s natural supply of fat there is less chance you will have an allergic reaction or experience rejection, which can happen with traditional implants.

2.  A body fat transfer will look and feel natural because it is natural.

The downside to the procedure is the results can be unpredictable. Some of the re-implanted fat will be absorbed by your body. That is the nature of using biological material for cosmetic improvements. Good overall health physically and emotionally

Don’t smoke-it slows the healing process and invites unnecessary complications

Review any allergies/medication reactions during the consultation

Have a large enough fat supply and sufficient circulation to support the transfer Dr. Alexander Aslani is Chairman and Head of two different Plastic surgery units: the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hospital Quiron Malaga as well as the Plastic Surgery Department of Hospital Quiron Marbella.

He is Director of Cirumed Clinic Marbella since 2007. Apart from cosmetic surgery Dr. Aslani also has special interest in Reconstructive surgery, especially microsurgery of the breast and head and neck, as well combined body contouring surgery and advanced fat grafting techniques.

The Plastic Surgery department  of Quiron Malaga was the first hospital department on Spain to introduce BodyJet Water-Jetstream liposculpture and fat grafting for both aesthetic an reconstructive indications in the whole of Spain.

Since 2009, Dr.Aslani have handled hundreds of cases of complex fat grafting successfully and have become a national reference center for this technology.