Hospital Quirón Marbella launches Body Jet EVO technology

Hospital Quirón Marbella is the first Plastic surgery department in Spain to launch Body Jet EVO technology The departments of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of Hospital Quirón Málaga, and Quirón Marbella headed by Dr. Alexander Aslani, have gained nationwide reputation as a specialist center for natural volume restoration using the patient’s own fat over […]

Brazilian Butt Lift – myths

Common myths around Brazilian Butt Lift Brazilian butt lift has been the cosmetic surgery procedure with the highest increase in demand in the U.S. in the recent decade. Many women are now considering surgery to get a smaller waist and firmer butts.

Buttocks augmentation Body Jet

Practicing in the very body conscious environment of Marbella, where beauty is a must and my patients spent most of their time on the beach, buttock augmentation and lift is a frequent request.

There are two methods to augment the buttocks : inserting an implant or transplanting your own fat.
“Brazilian butt lift” is the most common term for fat transfer buttock augmentation.

It does not actually come from Brazil, as many people think, but rather from the United States, so the term “Brazilian butt lift” is somewhat misleading. It creates a curvy and attractive shape of the buttock as popular in Brazil, hence the name I presume.

Personally I prefer to do the Brazilian butt lift fat transplant buttock augmentation.
There is no foreign body involved, we use the patient’s own fat.

This is especially important on the buttocks, since foreign bodies such as implants tend to create a lot of problems here.

The new Body jet technique enables fast harvest of high quality fat grafts, with excellent take rates, which makes the operation not only less invasive and faster, but also more economic for patients.

Around 800 cc of fat graft can be harvested and simultaneously filtered in the Lipocollector system.

The results are excellent, and we have downgraded an operation which used to take around 5 hours to 1,5 hours under local anesthetic.

Modern Liposuction

For a Plastic surgeon Marbella is a very exciting and challenging place to practice.
Most people living in Marbella embark on a very outdoor orientated lifestyle, and they are extremely body conscious.

This does constantly challenge us to develop better techniques.
Liposuction is one of the most frequently requested operations in our environment.

We prefer to perform either with laser or using the BODYJET technique.

These techniques have significant advantages over “conventional” liposuction, which our surgeons regard as outdated.

Both techniques are day case procedures under local anesthetic.

The main advantage of laser liposuction is that it provides very even and reliable retraction of the skin. The procedure in minimally invasive and virtually bloodless.
BODY JET uses a very precise waterstream to remove fat preserving viability of the cells. The fat harvested in this way can be used to inject it elsewhere.
The basis for BODY JET is that the fat harvested in this way contains all its inherent growth factors and stem cells, resulting in optimum conditions for graft survival.

Most of our liposuction patients opt to have the fat used as a natural, permanent filler to remove folds in the face. BODY JET fat transplants have largely replaced the use of prefabricated fillers such as restylane in my practice.

Breast augmentation is the most common additional of our patients having BODY JET liposuction in our Marbella clinic.
Here the BODY JET fat transplants produce scar free breast augmentation with very reliable results.

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Advances in fat grafting

In our Marbella practice demand for natural breast augmentation with long lasting results and minimum or no scarring at all is very big.
We practice in a very body conscious environment, with very body conscious patients, who mostly embark on a very outdoor orientated lifestyle.
Use of fat for cosmetic procedures has been limited historically because transplanted fat has shown a tendency to re-absorb back into the body, making the increase in volume temporarz If one reviews scientific literature, it seems that most publishers report results which are rather a lottery, rather than being in any form predictable.
However, cell-enriched cosmetic surgery harnesses and focuses your body’s own innate healing abilities.
Studies have shown that this helps the specially prepared graft tissue to fully incorporate into the transplant location, thereby increasing the chance of the graft taking.
According to current scientific literature, the most effective modality here is the BODYJET fat harvest procedure, which has originally been developed for effective large volume liposuction.
The technique does largely leave the harvested fatty tissue viable and maintains the viability of the stem cells naturally inherent to human adipose (fat )tissue.
The effectiveness and safety of the procedure is proven in very robust scientific literature and has been breakthrough in modern Plastic surgery technique.
We successfully apply BODYJET fat grafts for natural breast augmentation and buttock augmentation (brazilian butt lift). Take rates are documented to be consistenly around 80% making the procedure very predictable.

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Natural fat transfer breast augmentation-Water Jetstream technology

For years, women have dreamt of having their breasts augmented using their own fat. The idea is two get rid of unwanted fat deposits and naturally augment breasts in the same session.
Prior attempts at autologous fat transfer to the breast have not proven to be constantly successful .They were successful in some cases , but no so in others, in summary the results were very unpredictable.
New techniques in Natural Breast Augmentation employ the latest technologic advances in fat harvesting, adult BODY JET fat transfers (NaturalFill™) to provide women the option of enlarging their breast using their own fat without the use of un-natural implants.
This new innovative procedure is referred to as BODY JET Breast Augmentation or NaturalFill™ Breast Augmentation because it harbors one’s own fat and relocates that fat to the breast.

Rhinoplasty: Plastic surgery or ENT?

Rhinoplasty, is one of the most frequently performed procedures in our department.
The fact that we have been able to contract one of Spain’s leading ENT , Dr,Ortiz, as a permanent staff member of our Plastic surgery department, enables us to operate all noses in a team of minimum two specialists, an ENT and a Plastic surgeon, which is really to the benefit of the outcome.
Correction of a deviated septum and /or turbinates can impair breathing and can be corrected at the same time.
Some people are unhappy with the nose they were born with, others are unhappy with the way their nose has changed with their age.
Sometimes people break their nose, in trauma such as a sports injury. In either case, nasal reconstruction is a procedure that can simultaneously correct the function and improve the appearance of the nose as well.
Even a slight altercation to the nose can help with one’s appearance to their overall face. This, in turn, can enhance one’s overall sense of well-being. In many cases a rhinotplasty can lead to people feeling more self-confident and improving their overall look.
A septoplasty corrects the deviated septum and works to help one’s breathing.
The septum and the nasal structures that are obstructing the breathing are corrected and often straightened in order to improve the breathing and to correct the nasal deviations. After the procedure is completed the skin will readjust itself over the what has become the newly contoured bone and cartilage.