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Breast augmentation assisted by micro-fatgrafting is currently the most…

The procedure is commonly known as “Composite”, “supercharged” or “Lipoimplant” breast augmentation.

In summary, a silicone gel implant is first used to get a basic augmentation and the “fine-tuning” of cleavage, breast fold and projection is then performed using subcutaneous micro-fatgrafting. Read more “Breast augmentation assisted by micro-fatgrafting is currently the most sophisticated approach in modern cosmetic breast surgery”

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

The Do’s and Don’ts of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Autologous fat grafting is currently one of the most talked about topics in modern Plastic Surgery. Not only do advanced fat grafting techniques render highly consistent results, but the option to use one’s own fat for shaping the ‘dream breast’ is very appealing to many patients. Read more “The Do’s and Don’ts of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation”

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Advances in fat grafting

What are advances in fat transfer techniques in modern aesthetic surgery practice?

In our Marbella practice demand for natural breast augmentation with long lasting results and minimum or no scarring at all is very big. We practice in a very body conscious environment, with very body conscious patients, who mostly embark on a very outdoor orientated lifestyle.

Read more “Advances in fat grafting”

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Natural fat transfer breast augmentation-Water Jetstream technology

For years, women have dreamt of having their breasts augmented using their own fat.

The idea is to get rid of unwanted fat deposits and naturally augment breasts in the same session. Prior attempts at autologous fat transfer to the breast have not proven to be constantly successful. They were successful in some cases, but no so in others, in summary the results were very unpredictable. Read more “Natural fat transfer breast augmentation-Water Jetstream technology”

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Breast augmentation: Implants versus fat

Different patients request different options, and a solution which is desired by one patient may not be so good for another patient. This does not only apply to breast augmentation, but also to all other types of cosmetic surgery. There is no precut “one-size-fits-all” recipe which applies to all patients, therefore we suggest to take sufficient time to discuss in depth all options between surgeon and patient. Read more “Breast augmentation: Implants versus fat”

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Breast enlargement without implants

Breast enlargement – Autologous fat transplantation

The one of the dreams of Plastic surgery, and like most surgeons (at least the ones that I talk to) is the future of Plastic surgery. Take the patient´s own (autologous) fat from somewhere else and inject it for breast enlargement (or buttocks or face). In the past, this has been a very troublesome procedure since it was very time consuming suctioned fat for transfer, and the survival rates where somewhat unpredictable. Read more “Breast enlargement without implants”

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Is mammography necessary before aesthetic breast surgery ?

The decision depends also on the preference of the individual surgeon; it is not absolute necessary. In our Cirumed Clinic specialist group, we solved the question in the way that a highly qualified gynecologist furnishes patients before breast enlargement, breast uplift or a breast reduction with a so-called 4-D- ultrasound. Read more “Is mammography necessary before aesthetic breast surgery ?”