Breast Augmentation Fat Transfer

Fat transfer is currently the most modern and natural approach to breast augmentation .
Basically, the idea appealing to patients is moving fat from undesired areas to where most women want more fullness, mostly their breasts and / or their buttocks.
Cirumed Marbella specializes in BodyJet assisted liposculpting and fat transfer

Advances in fat grafting

In our Marbella practice demand for natural breast augmentation with long lasting results and minimum or no scarring at all is very big.
We practice in a very body conscious environment, with very body conscious patients, who mostly embark on a very outdoor orientated lifestyle.
Use of fat for cosmetic procedures has been limited historically because transplanted fat has shown a tendency to re-absorb back into the body, making the increase in volume temporarz If one reviews scientific literature, it seems that most publishers report results which are rather a lottery, rather than being in any form predictable.
However, cell-enriched cosmetic surgery harnesses and focuses your body’s own innate healing abilities.
Studies have shown that this helps the specially prepared graft tissue to fully incorporate into the transplant location, thereby increasing the chance of the graft taking.
According to current scientific literature, the most effective modality here is the BODYJET fat harvest procedure, which has originally been developed for effective large volume liposuction.
The technique does largely leave the harvested fatty tissue viable and maintains the viability of the stem cells naturally inherent to human adipose (fat )tissue.
The effectiveness and safety of the procedure is proven in very robust scientific literature and has been breakthrough in modern Plastic surgery technique.
We successfully apply BODYJET fat grafts for natural breast augmentation and buttock augmentation (brazilian butt lift). Take rates are documented to be consistenly around 80% making the procedure very predictable.

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Natural fat transfer breast augmentation-Water Jetstream technology

For years, women have dreamt of having their breasts augmented using their own fat. The idea is two get rid of unwanted fat deposits and naturally augment breasts in the same session.
Prior attempts at autologous fat transfer to the breast have not proven to be constantly successful .They were successful in some cases , but no so in others, in summary the results were very unpredictable.
New techniques in Natural Breast Augmentation employ the latest technologic advances in fat harvesting, adult BODY JET fat transfers (NaturalFill™) to provide women the option of enlarging their breast using their own fat without the use of un-natural implants.
This new innovative procedure is referred to as BODY JET Breast Augmentation or NaturalFill™ Breast Augmentation because it harbors one’s own fat and relocates that fat to the breast.

Breast augmentation: Implants versus fat

Different patients request different options, and a solution which is desired by one patient may not be so good for another patient.

This does not only apply to breast augmentation, but also to all other types of cosmetic surgery.

There is no precut recipe which applies to all patients, therefore we suggest to take sufficient time to discuss in depth all options between surgeon and patient.

In my practice, we have seen a major change in breast augmentation with introduction of the Body Jet fat transfer system.
This technqiue has solved most or the problems that we have seen with fat transfer breast augmentation in the past.

Less volume is lost during harvest, the „take“ rates of the fat exceed 70-80%, there is no interference with mamograms and the procedure is safe and easy to perform under local anesthetic.

I regard it as ideal for all patients who have fat to spare elsewhere, and in fact the treatment of such „problem zones“ seems to add significnalty to patient happiness.

However, there is alsways a certain number of patients who have no fat to spare, and for those silicone gel implants remain the best option.

I have developed a certain faible for microtextured impalnts, which give a more natural feel especially in very thin patients.

Breast enlargement without implants

Autologous fat transplantation

The one of the dreams of Plastic surgery, and like most surgeons (at least the ones that I talk to) is the future of Plastic surgery.

Take the patient´s own (autologous) fat from somewhere else and inject it for breast enlargement (or buttocks or face.
In the past, this has been a very troublesome procedure since it was very time consuming suctioned fat for transfer, and the survival rates where somewhat unpredictable.

This technique has experienced a major boost lately with the introduction of the Body Jet transfer system, which is a special,water assisted liposuction system.
This enables atraumatic harvest of fat without destroying single fat cells,and is currently the only fat transfer breast augmentation technique with guaranteed success rates.

In our practice, Body Jet assisted breast augmentation with the patient´s own fat is currently our procedure of choice for the greater part of patients seeking breast augmentation already.

In comparison to the classical centrifugation techniques (like the Coleman technique), the Body Jet is significantly superior both in handling as well as success rate.

They main difference between the two philosophies is that the Body jet technique puts emphasis not to damage the fat during harvest and manipulate it as little as possible afterwards, since every manipulation of the fat will decrease survival.
Our data suggests that about 90% of fat cells survive the harvest process and are therefore excellent for survival.

In contrast the centrifugation techniques are more traumatic and leave only aboput 5-10% of fat cells alive, which do then undergo lengthy preparation processes.

In our experience take rates of fat with the Body Jet technique are somewhat 10 fold higher.

Most importantly, the Body jet procedure has made the procedure quicker and more cost effective for patients, since it is no longer necessary to waste hours of theatre time with the harvest and preparation process.

That does also make the Body jet natural breast augmentation techniquemuch more cost-effective for patients.