Hospital Quirón Marbella launches Body Jet EVO technology

Hospital Quirón Marbella is the first Plastic surgery department in Spain to launch Body Jet EVO technology The departments of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of Hospital Quirón Málaga, and Quirón Marbella headed by Dr. Alexander Aslani, have gained nationwide reputation as a specialist center for natural volume restoration using the patient’s own fat over […]

Brazilian Butt Lift – myths

Common myths around Brazilian Butt Lift Brazilian butt lift has been the cosmetic surgery procedure with the highest increase in demand in the U.S. in the recent decade. Many women are now considering surgery to get a smaller waist and firmer butts.

Brazilian Butt Lift for men?

Believe it or not, 6.2% of Brazilian Butt Lifts in 2012 were performed on men according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Either for aesthetic effect or simply to keep their pants up (the more common request), today more men are using this two-in-one surgical procedure to get more rounded and full-looking buttocks. […]

Chloe Sims – Brazilian butt lift

Several types of cosmetic surgeries that have once been thought to be a taboo, Brazilian Butt Lift (butt augmentation) for instance. As time went by, these cosmetic surgeries have gradually been accepted by society. Today we find more and more celebrities who talk about their Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Chloe Sims has given an interview […]

Kim Kardashian Brazilian Butt Lift

Is Brazilian Butt Lift surgery the right choice to get Kim Kardashians butt? During a Brazilian Butt Lift, fat is being extracted (via liposuction) from other areas of the body including the waist, hips, lower back, stomach, and re-injecting that fat into the buttocks to reshape and re-contour the entire gluteal area.

Brazilian butt augmentation buttocks shapes

Which body type do you have and what results can you expect with a Brazilian Butt Lift? You may not find your buttocks type in these sketches, but maybe one of these drawings gets closed to what your buttocks shape looks like. The drawings describe problem zones and how a Brazilian Butt Lift can improve each […]