Brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift

Fat Transfer Buttock Augmentation using BodyJet Water Jetstream Liposuction is the specialty of Dr. Aslani and his team from Cirumed Clinic Marbella.

BodyJet Water Jetstream liposuction is extremely suitable for fat transfer since the Jet gently “washes” the fat out and fat cells are not damaged during the process of extraction. Less fat is lost and the transferred fat has a better survival rate.

Cirumed Marbella surgeons have extensive experience with the BodyJet technology and have used it in hundreds of cases for Breast and Buttock Augmentation successfully. BodyJet fat transfer is usually performed under local anesthetic.

Since 2012 BodyJet has introduced the EVO technology, which has some significant improvements for fat transfer technology and is especially suitable for swift harvest of large volume fat grafts for Brazilian butt lift.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

A Brazilian butt lift, also known as Buttock Augmentation, is a plastic surgery procedure to create a curvy, round and full buttocks, like brazilian women are famous for. The shaping effect is created by transferring fat from other parts of the body (usually frequent “problem zones such as abdomen, flanks, legs) to the buttocks. Fat transfer results in firmer and shaper, but yet natural buttocks

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Is the Fat Transfer Buttock Augmentation a good idea for me?

If you always desired a rounder, better shaped buttock and dispose of sufficient unwanted fat, then the fat transfer butt enhancement surgery is the right decision. Patient satisfaction is greatly enhanced because the patient benefits from two procedures in one surgery. On one hand the Water Jetstream assisted Liposuction slims down sculpts problem zones, on the other hand the buttocks are shaped and made firmer.

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How does Dr. Aslani perform the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Aslani will carefully remove fat with Body Jet Liposuction. This fat can be removed from your abdomen, flanks,thighs, hips or back. To avoid loose skin of those body areas he then sculpts the tissue with Body Tite Liposculpture, which results in retraction and tightening of loose skin. Dr. Aslani and his team have developed a sophisticated protocol to prepare and clean the fat to ensure best possible graft take. This way only high quality fat will be transferred to the buttocks to shape gently the new Brazilian Butt. Straight after the surgery the enhancement is larger than you excepted, this is because of the swelling process, it will adjust once the fat settles in its new location.

What is the operating time for Fat Transfer Buttock Augmentation take?

The plastic surgery Brazilian Butt Lift takes from 2-4 hours, depending on the amount of fat that needs to be extracted.

Do I need to stay at the hospital after Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

Usually the butt lift does not require an overnight stay.

How long is the recovery period from a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Most patients can return to a desk job within 4 weeks. Returning to full activity levels also varies case by case, but usually this occurs in 4-6 weeks. The Brazilian Buttock Sculpting has a shorter recovery period than butt implant surgery. You must wear a special garment (to control swelling) for 4-6 weeks.

Brazilian Butt Lift Spain Malaga Buttocks Augmentation from Cirumed Clinic on Vimeo.

Why Cirumed Clinic Marbella?

Concerning fat grafting surgery in particular, our surgeons are leaders in large volume fat transfer surgery. We have used Bodyjet water jetstream assisted fat transfer with great success for a great variance of both aesthetic as well as reconstructive procedures. Our surgeons perform very large numbers of fat grafting cases every year, mostly to breasts and buttocks, and have more experience with this technology than any other center in Europe. Cirumed Clinic Marbella  is also the first and only center in Spain to dispose of the Bodyjet EVO system, which is the second generation of Water-Jetstream liposuction technology.

In general, our patients appreciate that Cirumed surgeons are the appointed election of Spain’s top private hospital, Grupo Hospitalario Quiron. This is not only our best reference, but also our biggest obligation. Quiron is Spain’s prime private healthcare provider and the center of choice for Spain’s elite, celebrities, sport stars and even the Spanish Royal family. Quiron does only appoint Spain’s top doctors as head of their specialist departments. Dr. Aslani looks back at a career spanning two decades and more than 12000 operations.

He owes his appointments as head of two Plastic surgery departments, both in Quiron Malaga as well as in Quiron Marbella, to his consistent performance in thousands of patients over many years.

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