Abdominoplasty and Hernia Repair

Can abdominoplasty and hernia repair be done in one operation ? They can and they normally should. A lot depends on the extent of the hernia, and BMI guidelines for repairing larger hernias together with a tummy tuck are normally somewhat stricter.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty after trauma

nose-negroIf patients approach a nose correction after having had an accident, the procedure can be a lot more complicated.

Depending on the nature of nasal trauma, in case of multifragmented fractures the osteotomies (which is the correction of the position of the bones) may be less stable than in a primary rhinoplasty.

Also, posttraumatic rhinoplasty frequently involves work on the nasal septum as well because septal deviation frequently follows nasal trauma.

I have made a policy of operating all rhinoplasty surgeries togther with an ENT specialist. I have managed to contract an excellent ENT and head and neck surgein as consultant for my department.
We operate all rhinoplasty surgeries together.

I stronlgy believe that this interdisciplinary concept is the future in rhinoplasty surgery, since it is to the benefit of patients, giving best possible rhinoplasty results both from an aesthetic as well as from a functional point of view.

This results in a slightly higher risk of secondary dislocation of bones and possibly patients undergoing such a reconstruction may look at waering the nasal splint, which normally needs to be worn for 7 days, for about three days longer.

Some irregularities irregularities may be camouflaged without a full rhinoplasty operation, but with fillers. I prefer to first apply a permanent filler and secondarily a permanent one.

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Breastfeeding after breast augmentation?

Is not normally a problem after straightforward breast enlargement, since the majority of techniques does not interfere with the breat tissue itself, but works underneath the breast muscle or the breast gland.
Scientific data shows that 25% of women having had breast augmentation surgery cannot breastfeed.The number of patients who cannot breastfeed although not having had any breast augmentation surgery is also 25%……this means identical.
Therefore, there is no correlation between breast augmentation surgery and breast feeding.

The same applies to modern technqiues of breast augmentation with fat transfer. This is a technique very much favoured by us.

We do follow the protocol of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons here, which demands to strictly limit the placement of fat grafts to subcutaneous and intramuscular planes, and never to inject fat directly into the breast gland.

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Will aesthetic medicine rise average facelift age?

Possibly yes, however, aesthetic medicine is a widespread field where different treatments are applied for different symptoms. Aesthetic medicine can definitely not replace facelift surgery on a wider range , but we do observe the average “entrance” facelift age forĀ  being slightly on the rise.