Breastfeeding after breast augmentation?

Is not normally a problem after straightforward breast enlargement, since the majority of techniques does not interfere with the breast tissue itself, but works underneath the breast muscle or the breast gland.
Scientific data shows that 25% of women having had breast augmentation surgery cannot breastfeed. The number of patients who cannot breastfeed although not having had any breast augmentation surgery is also 25% …this means identical. Read more “Breastfeeding after breast augmentation?”

dr. aslani

Is mammography necessary before aesthetic breast surgery ?

The decision depends also on the preference of the individual surgeon; it is not absolute necessary. In our Cirumed Clinic specialist group, we solved the question in the way that a highly qualified gynecologist furnishes patients before breast enlargement, breast uplift or a breast reduction with a so-called 4-D- ultrasound. Read more “Is mammography necessary before aesthetic breast surgery ?”