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The Do’s and Don’ts of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

The Do’s and Don’ts of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Autologous fat grafting is currently one of the most talked about topics in modern Plastic Surgery. Not only do advanced fat grafting techniques render highly consistent results, but the option to use one’s own fat for shaping the ‘dream breast’ is very appealing to many patients. Read more “The Do’s and Don’ts of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation”


Hospital Quirón Marbella launches Body Jet EVO technology

Hospital Quirón Marbella is the first Plastic surgery department in Spain to launch Body Jet EVO technology

The departments of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of Hospital Quirón Málaga, and Quirón Marbella headed by Dr. Alexander Aslani, have gained nationwide reputation as a specialist center for natural volume restoration using the patient’s own fat over recent years.

To keep their Plastic Surgery unit on top of current cutting edge technology in modern fat grafting, Quirón Marbella and Málaga have now furnished their Plastic Surgery department with the second generation of Water-Jetstream assisted liposculpture and fat transfer technology, the BodyJet EVO system. Read more “Hospital Quirón Marbella launches Body Jet EVO technology”


Brazilian Butt Lift for men?

Believe it or not, 6.2% of Brazilian Butt Lifts in 2012 were performed on men according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Either for aesthetic effect or simply to keep their pants up (the more common request), today more men are using this two-in-one surgical procedure to get more rounded and full-looking buttocks. As well, for many men, sometimes diet and exercise isn’t enough to get the look they’ve been trying to acheive. Read more “Brazilian Butt Lift for men?”

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Chloe Sims – Brazilian butt lift

Several types of cosmetic surgeries that have once been thought to be a taboo, Brazilian Butt Lift (butt augmentation) for instance. As time went by, these cosmetic surgeries have gradually been accepted by society.

Today we find more and more celebrities who talk about their Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Chloe Sims has given an interview to “Now Daily” where she talks about her buttocks augmentation. Read more “Chloe Sims – Brazilian butt lift”