In the second week of September 2016 Cirumed celebrated their 4th buttock surgery instructional buttock surgery course at Hospital Quiron Malaga.

Our yearl course for surgeon has become very popular for surgeons from all over Europe with interest in advanced body contouring surgery,and this year we could welcome surgeons from 5 different European countries travelling to Malaga to learn how to best perform buttock surgery using fat transfer,silicone implants or both.







The course included a total of 6 video transmitted live surgeries.
Social highlight was our annual course dinner celebrated over the roofs of Malaga at the terrace of AC Malaga hotel.

Cirumed is European leader in buttock surgery and our surgeons are constantly invited to give lectures perform demonstration surgeries all over the globe.

To see how we perform in buttock surgery clicke HERE to see our gallery results

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