Our butt of the month in October 2015

In the month of October, we have elected a case with a patient with very little subcutaneous fat reserves.

Her BMI was just about 23.
Ideally , we had recommended the patient a combination treatment with buttock implants and fatgrafting, because we were in doubt whether there was sufficient fat to give her a result of her liking.

The patient was very resistant to buttock implants for personal reasons and we proceeded with fatgrafting only.
600cc were grafted into each buttock, which is not a great amount. But the strategical impact of removal and addition gave the patient a very impressive aesthetic improvement.

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Cirumed surgeons have great clinical interest in buttock contouring surgery, both Brazilian butt lift with fatgrafting only as well as implants.
Our unique position as one of very few centers in Europe actually specialising in advanced buttock surgery, we are able to offer to our patient a unique surgical experience based on many hundred cases every year.

Should you require some more detailed information on Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, either in the Department of Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Hospital Quirón Malaga, Quirón Marbella or in Cirumed Clinic Marbella please contact us.