Brazilian butt lift surgery is an extremely rewarding surgery for slightly overweight patients with chubby superficial (subcutaneous) fat deposits.

As an orientative rule of thumbs, we recommend for patients ideally to have a BMI (body mass index) oscillating around 26 to 30 for a great result with fat transfer only.

Exceptions apply, in this case the patient presented with a BMI of only 24 in which case we usually recommend implants together with fatgrafting for a great result.

Since the patient insisted on fatgrafting only, we proceeded and were able to give her 850cc per side. Without doubt the addition of implants would have even given a much more drastic change, but a very nice result was achieved and the patient was extremely happy with the result.

The postoperative photographs were provided by the patient who was out of town.

Buttock augmentation spain-aumento de gluteos malaga

Should you require some more detailed information on Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, either in the Department of Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Hospital Quirón Malaga, Quirón Marbella or in Cirumed Clinic Marbella please contact us.