One of the most frequent questions we are being asked regarding Brazilian butt lift surgery is : How much of the result will stay long term ?

Since the buttocks contain a lot of muscle tissue, they are very suitable recipient beds for large volume fat transfer.
The better vascularised the recipient tissue, the better the success of grafting will be, and muscle has got an excellent vascularisation.
In this article, we demonstrate the long term results on the basis of a few clinical cases.

In the first case, we see the volume development over the course of half a year in a patient with stable weight. As one can see, the volume stays largely constant.
Most patients maintain the shape they have got one month after surgery long term.
 Case 1: Patient with 1200cc of BodyJet EVO assisted fat transfer before, two months and six months after surgery

Fat-transfer-Marbella-Spain-Lipotransferencia-Marbella-4-1024x576 Fat-transfer-Marbella-Spain-Lipotransferencia-Marbella-3-1024x576 Fat-transfer-Marbella-Spain-Lipotransferencia-Marbella-2-1024x576 Fat-transfer-Marbella-Spain-Lipotransferencia-Marbella-1-1024x576

Another question is weight loss. What happens to the transferred fat if the patient loses weight ?
This is difficult to predict. To our experience, transferred fat is not very active regarding metabolism. It stays largely constant.
Case 2: This patient had significant weight loss at nearly one year after surgery. The case shown demonstrates how the volume of transferred fat can be maintained despite of the patient losing weight.

Brazilian-butt-lift-surgeons-Europe-3-1024x576 Brazilian-butt-lift-surgeons-Europe-4-1024x576 Brazilian-butt-lift-surgeons-Europe-2-1024x576 Brazilian-butt-lift-surgeons-Europe-1-1024x576

Case 3: 750 cc of BodyJet EVO assisted fat transfer  per buttock cheek shown two months after and 1 year after surgery. Excellent preservation of volume, despite of the fact that this patient lost 8 kg f weight 6 months after the procedure.


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