One of the most frequent questions patients ask us after Brazilian butt lift surgery is what degree of swelling and change is to be expected after surgery. Patients contemplating this procedure may find it helpful to see a case example of such a normal clinical course, serving as a guideline of what to expect for their own surgery.

Immediately after surgery

Multilayered micro-fatgrafting to the buttocks is the key to successful Brazilian butt lift surgery. Transferring purified fat cells mainly into the fascia and muscle layers with a very fine cannula (approx. 0,9mm diameter) is an essential step to assure best possible take of grafts. Invariably, this will lead to some degree of swelling.

“The desired hourglass effect is usually accentuated,” says Dr. Alexander Aslani, director of Cirumed Clinic Marbella and Head of the Department of Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hospital Quirón Málaga. Dr. Aslani and his team have specialized in large volume fat grafting, making Cirumed Clinic to european experts for Brazilian Butt Lift.

After six weeks

Most of the swelling is gone, with some swelling left around waistline. When we see the week 6 checkup pictures, we notice a slight reduction in volume. This loss of volume is usually mostly due to swelling going down, and less to loss of fat. The feeling of inflammation and some lumpiness at this stage is normal and expected. It usually subsides over the following weeks.
brazilian-butt-lift-before-after-6-weeks before-after-brazilian-butt-lift before-after-brazilian-butt-lift-6-weeks brazilian-butt-lift-before-after2

After four months

There is no more swelling. Comparing the volume of the buttocks. Transition zones now look smoother and comparing six weeks to four months the most striking change is the waistline reduction. “Shaping of the donor site in Brazilian butt lift surgery is as important as the fat grafting itself,” says Dr. Aslani.
brazilian-butt-lift-15 brazilian-butt-lift-38 brazilian-butt-lift-46 brazilian-butt-lift-27 brazilian-butt-lift-53