Non-surgical liposuction is one of the topics with greatest public interest in Plastic Surgery.

“There is an abundance of technologies on offer, but very few with real results,” says Dr. Alexander Aslani, Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery of Hospital Quiron Malaga and Director of Cirumed Clinic Marbella. “If one filters all devices available and eliminates all that have no scientific backing, no FDA registration and no guaranteed effects in one session, one is left with only two main players: Coolsculpting (fat freezing) and Liposonix (deep tissue ultrasound). It is as simple as that. Forget the rest.”

“We have thoroughly road tested Coolsculpting and have found the effects most convincing. It has enabled us to produce results equivalent to liposuction in all our preliminary patients. FDA approval and the backing of 30+ peer reviewed scientific articles substantiate this



So when is Coolsculpting best?

Coolsculpting is best suitable for those patients who have a diet resistant fat deposit in a specific problem zones, mostly in abdomen of flanks (love handles). Most of our patients understand that such fat deposits are highly unlikely to disappear neither with diet nor exercise. The more pronounced these fat deposits, the impressive the effect will be. Furthermore, the skin quality should be reasonable; it is not suitable for patients who already come with very flobby skin. Coolsculpting by Zeltiq has a proud track record of more than 1 million successful treatments and more than 200 machines already in use in the United States.

 What are the limitations?

If the skin quality is good, and it is really only a question of fat removal, Coolsculpting has become our treatment of choice and a real rival to surgical liposuction. One important limitation is flobby skin, which is best addressed with laser liposuction. Furthermore, our surgeons have very big clinical interest in fat transfer, which is a fantastic addition to liposuction and creates very impressive results. For patients looking for such dramatic makeover results, surgery will remain the better option.


What are the costs of Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is an extremely sophisticated solution with clinically very impressive effects. It is meant for patients who understand problem zone fat deposits are an extremely difficult thing to get rid of. Coolsculpting is not necessarily cheaper than liposuction. For smaller areas, very good results can be achieved at slightly less cost than liposuction, for moderate areas the costs is likely identical. We sometimes see patients who want very large fat deposits treated which can be done very well but requires many more applicators, than the end costs may even add up higher.

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