Fat grafting reshaping procedures to the buttocks have become one of the most sought after contemporary cosmetic surgery procedures in recent years.

The so called “Brazilian butt lift” consists of fat removal form one zone to the body, usually an area of unwanted an unsightly fat deposits, to the buttocks where increase of volume and projection are more attractive. The buttocks are known to be a very rewarding location for fat grafting.

perfect buttocks

“The large amount of muscle tissue available for grafting enables us to use rather large amounts of graft safely,” says Dr. Alexander Aslani, Head of the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of Hospital Quiron Malaga and director of Cirumed Clinic Marbella. “This is why most patients desiring shapier and more attractive buttocks with resorting to silicone. In my team, fat grafting has become the gold-standard in buttock reshaping surgery.”

So what if patients are very thin and do not have enough fat to spare for a good Brazilian butt lift?

“This can indeed be a problem. Whilst a healthy amount of fat graft can be harvested in the vast majority of patients, sometimes very thin patients desire a very pronounced buttock. Silicone implants may become a versatile tool in such patients,” so Dr. Aslani.

Case example: This 28-year old patient requested a more attractive shaping of her buttocks.

She was very adamant to have maximum projection and best possible roundness. It is understandable that in such case fat grafting has got important limits, and even if thorough liposuction can produce large qualities of good quality fat grafting even in such patients, it would be insufficient. There was simply not enough fat to achieve the result this patient was looking for.

“Silicone implants are very valuable in these situations”, says Dr. Aslani. ”However, implants only serve to increase projection. They will not create any roundness. So even in very thin patients it is a good option to combine the buttock silicone implants with autologous fat grafting.”perfect buttocksperfect buttocks perfect buttocks perfect buttocks perfect buttocks

Comparing the patients before and afters, one appreciates the very attractive increase in projection achieved. The fat grafting was performed to the sides (hips) and although not too much fat was available, the aesthetic benefit is enormous. 250cc of silicone implants were used in this case, plus 200cc of fat grafting per side.

Dr. Alexander Aslani, director of Cirumed Clinic Marbella and his team have great interest in cosmetic surgery to the buttocks, constituting one of very few centers in Europe specializing in Brazilian butt lift surgery
“At present, we use fat only for about 90% of our buttock augmentation patients. The other 10% will have a combination of silicone and fat,” so Dr. Aslani.

For more information on Brazilian butt lift surgery in Cirumed Clinic Marbella including before and after galleries, see www.cirumed.es or contact contact@cirumed.es