It is the ultimate filler material-working with patient’s own fat has become the hottest approach in the armamentarium of the modern Plastic surgeon.

In an interesting blog article, Robert X.Murphy, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, outlines the potential of state of the art fat grafting in modern Plastic Surgery. Fat is rapidly becoming more popular as a natural filler material, and is replacing commercial filler materials.

Most fat grafting procedures are done to the buttocks, the breast and the face, with the buttocks experiencing some kind of hype at present.

“Fat is the ideal filler material, it is the patient’s own tissue and therefore completely natural, and has got excellent propensities for soft tissue sculpting”, says Dr. Alexander Aslani, director of Cirumed Clinic and Head of the Department of Plastic Surgery at Hospital Quirón Málaga.


Cirumed Clinic is one the first clinical centers in Europe specializing in the most “en vogue” application of fat transfer, the so called Brazilian butt lift. “Brazilian butt lift surgery encompasses fat transfer and reshifting from typical problem zones to the buttocks. The buttocks are sculpted and accentuated”, explains Dr. Aslani, who has performed hundreds of Brazilian butt lifts in the Quirón Hospital over the last years. “The buttocks are especially rewarding since the grafting surface is considerable and take rates tend to be excellent.”

Find more information, before and after pictures as well as videos on Brazilian butt lift surgery on Cirumed’s homepage,