Dr. Alexander Aslani is the first European surgeon to be invited to lecture on Brazilian butt lift surgery before an international audience.

Reshaping and toning the female buttocks is currently the hottest trend in cosmetic surgery in the U.S. The operation has seen a massive increase in demand over the last decade and the hype is yet to reach its peak.

Cirumed Clinic has been the first European clinic specializing in this procedure. Dr. Alexander Aslani, director of Cirumed Marbella and Head of the Plastic Surgery Department of Hospital Quirón Málaga, has performed hundreds of Brazilian butt lifts over the last years. He and his team of surgeons are pioneering one of Plastic Surgery’s most exciting procedures.

“It is an extremely gratifying procedure for the surgeon with clinical interest in body contouring procedures,” says Dr. Aslani. “There is no other operation in the field with such fantastic result with no scars, no silicone and a fairly light recovery.”

In light of his extensive experience with this procedure, Dr. Aslani was now invited to present his results on the world’s greatest congress for Cosmetic surgery and medicine, the IMCAS, taking place in Paris early this year.

Dr. Aslani presented his experience with Brazilian butt lift surgery using Water Jetstream liposuction, especially for large volume transfer exceeding 1000cc of fat per buttock. Cirumed Clinic Marbella has specialized in this liposuction technique, which is somewhat ideal for large volume fat grafting.

His lecture makes Dr. Alexander Aslani the first European surgeon ever to lecture on such large volume fat grafting, since this has so far been a domain for a handful of specialized surgeons from the United States and South America.

To see the video of Dr. Aslani’s presentation on Brazilian Butt Lift surgery at IMCAS Paris, please click here.

brazilian butt lift conference

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