The procedure is commonly known as “Composite”, “supercharged” or “Lipoimplant” breast augmentation.

In summary, a silicone gel implant is first used to get a basic augmentation and the “fine-tuning” of cleavage, breast fold and projection is then performed using subcutaneous micro-fatgrafting.
This procedure has rapidly gained popularity amongst U.S surgeons with expertise in fat grafting and has been amongst the most attended presentation in the 2014 American Congress of the American Society of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery. This technique is a very exciting advance in surgeon’s strive for “the perfect breast”.

Individual imperfections of the breasts can be treated much more effective then with just breast implants alone.

The better of the two techniques is achieved with this combination, since the achievable size increase is higher than with breast implants alone. Yet, the patient still benefits from the possibility to individually shape the breast such as in fat transfer breast augmentation.

“Supercharged breast augmentation” is a somewhat demanding procedure, but our experience with this combined approach is very good. We feel that supercharged breast augmentation achieves a significantly better result than breast implants alone.
The end result is more natural regarding look and feel. Strategic fat removal at typical problem zones such as the waistline further accentuates the overall achievable shape.

breast-augmentation-implants-fat-supercharged liposuction-fat-transfer-breast-augmentation

Cirumed Clinic headed by Dr. Alexander Aslani, is leader in large volume fat transfer surgery, both for aesthetic as well as reconstructive indications. Our surgeons have specialized in BodyJet Water Jetstream technology for fat grafting especially for buttocks and breasts.

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