Abdominoplasty means reshaping of the abdominal wall with tightening of the abdominal muscles and excision of excess skin and fat. The procedure is most sought after by patients who have had some significant weight loss and or multiple pregnancies.

These conditions can lead to permanent laxity of the abdominal wall and bulging of the abdominal contents. Patients often think they are fat, but the truth is that once everything is set back in place the might not be fat at all.

Exchange “scar for shape”

A full abdominoplasty will always imply a lower abdominal scar. The scar is necessary for the removal of skin. “The broad exposure of the abdominal muscle enables us to totally reshape the abdominal muscles. Many patients will have small hernias especially in the umbilical area, which can be addressed at the same time”, says Dr. Alexander Aslani, Head of the Departments of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Hospital Quiron Malaga as well as Quiron Marbella. “The change of shape achievable is therefore much more significant as compared to just removing fat.”

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Frequent request for “Mommy makeover”

The changes of pregnancy and weight loss are definitely no restricted to the abdomen. A very high percentage of patients requesting abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) surgery also have suffered some volume loss of their breasts. About 3 in 10 abdominoplasty operations undertaken by Cirumed surgeons are combined with a cosmetic breast surgery in the same session. Whether this is possible, depends on each individual case. If patients are relatively young and fit for surgery, combination procedures are often the more favorable option as compared to two different anesthesias.

“In most cases of so –called “mommy makeover “requests, we try to make some use the extracted fat,” knows Dr. Aslani. “This is ideal for natural restoration to refill lost volume. Often we use fat transfer breast shaping alone, but we also combine it with breast uplift in the same session.”

Cirumed Clinic is leader in large volume fat transfer, we specially using Water-Jetstream fat transfer. Most frequent applications are fat transfer breast and buttock augmentation, the so called “Brazilian butt lift”
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Case example
This case is a brilliant example for the potential the result achievable with abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”). This 48 year old lady requested a “fix” of her distended abdomen, her stretch marks and her flobby skin. Full abdominoplasty, performed together with BodyJet liposculpture to shape her waist, gave her a very nice result regarding shape.

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