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Large volume fat grafting Brazilian butt lift with BodyJet EVO

This case is a nice example about the benefits of advanced water jetstream fat harvest technology (BodyJet EVO) for good results in patients who want large volume fat grafting but only have limited amounts of subcutaneous fat available for transfer.

In my practice, water jetstream liposuction has shown to be the most effective modality to get the maximum amount of good quality fat graft out of the available donor sides. The amount of workable excellent quality fat graft is usually around 30 percent higher as compared to standard tumescent or power assisted liposuction, so less fat is lost.

In this case a total of 1000cc of purified fat graft was used to reshape the buttocks. Since the patient wanted an “A-frame” with pronounced hips, fat grafting was also performed in that area. In relation to the limited amount of available donor fat, a maximum reshaping effect was achieved.

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