Hospital Quirón Marbella is the first Plastic surgery department in Spain to launch Body Jet EVO technology

The departments of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery of Hospital Quirón Málaga, and Quirón Marbella headed by Dr. Alexander Aslani, have gained nationwide reputation as a specialist center for natural volume restoration using the patient’s own fat over recent years.

To keep their Plastic Surgery unit on top of current cutting edge technology in modern fat grafting, Quirón Marbella and Málaga have now furnished their Plastic Surgery department with the second generation of Water-Jetstream assisted liposculpture and fat transfer technology, the BodyJet EVO system.


The BodyJet technology has been the unit’s gold standard and workhorse since 2009. “ Water Jetstream has been the most exciting technical advance in fat grafting surgery in the last two decades,” says Dr. Alexander Aslani, who does not only head the Plastic surgery department of Hospital Quirón Málaga, but also in the newly found Plastic surgery department of Quirón Hospital in neighboring Marbella, with both hospitals only being 35 km apart.

“We have consistently perfected our fat grafting protocols over recent years, using microinjection techniques, stem cell concentration, cell purification and others, but BodyJet has been the most effective and dramatic advance for our fat grafting outcomes. In direct comparison, BodyJet has shown to be the best technique so far for fat transfer, comparing favorably to all other modalities such as tumescent, power assisted or vaser lipo” reports Dr. Aslani.

In the field of aesthetic surgery, his team of surgeons has developed special interest in buttock reshaping procedures using the patient’s own fat, a procedure commonly known as “Brazilian butt lift”.

Leading technology in fat transfer

Water Jetstream assisted fat harvest is currently regarded as the best option for successful fat transfer. “The most frequent requested areas are the breast and the buttocks,” says Dr. Aslani. “Especially on the buttocks fat transfer is very effective because of its large recipient surface.”

A further advantage much appreciated by patients is that Water Jetstream liposuction can normally be done under local anesthetic. “This always depends on patient’s preference, but we see many patients who are unwilling to have a general anesthetic. We perform most of our breast and buttock augmentations using the Jet under local anesthetic, since the extraction process with Water Jetstream is not painful”. so Dr. Aslani.

Future technology in reconstructive surgery

The Plastic surgery departments of the Quirón Hospitals in Málaga and Marbella see great potential for this technique in reconstructive surgery, especially for the breasts. “Fat grafting is the technology of the future. This is why we undertake every possible effort to stay on the forefront of this exciting technology”, says Dr. Aslani.

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