The decision depends also on the preference of the individual surgeon; it is not absolute necessary. In our Cirumed Clinic specialist group, we solved the question in the way that a highly qualified gynecologist furnishes patients before breast enlargement, breast uplift or a breast reduction with a so-called 4-D- ultrasound.

Dr. Ramin Pakzad, extremely experienced in the field of  breast disease and especially in the area of the breast cancer treatment and is our partner in these cases and since I can absolutely depend on the accuracy of his assessments, I prefer the ultrasound diagnostics done by him. That provides me and my patient the security of a thorough preoperative diagnostics and saves young patients partly extensive -x-ray exposure.

A possible history of breast cancer within the family will also endorse the indication for preoperative breast screening. There are different approaches to breast screening before aesthetic surgery like breast augmentation, but we regard this one as best. Suspected findings in the age group seeking for breast augmentation are less than 0.5%, but nevertheless they occur. Although the chance of a positive finding is very low especially in young patients, who are the majority of patients requesting breast augmentation, it still merits the effort. “If we are able to spot 1:1000 breast cancer cases just by the coincidence of screening for a breast augmentation operation, it was totally worth it”, says Dr. Pakzad, who teams up with Dr. Aslani and two oncologists forming a breats cancer unit in the Malaga area.

The 4-D-ultrasound technique does also play a significant role in spotting ruptured implants after breast augmentation.

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