Laser Liposuction case study

When performing liposuction with laser, the laser does selectively break down fat cells. The advantages for the patient are faster recovery, less irregularities, less pain and overall a better result.

Most importantly, laser liposuction leads to far better and more even skin retraction than conventional tumescent liposuction. The amount of fluid in relation to the amount of fat extracted determines into what category the liposuction falls. Should less fluid be injected than fat extracted, then it qualifies as dry, if the other way round, it is super wet.

Case samples of liposuction

Case 1


Patient requested removal of diet resistant fat deposits on outer thighs, flanks and buttocks. Procedure selected was soft touch liposuction under local anesthetic and sedation.

Result after removal of 2200cc of fat in soft touch technique

  • Good skin retraction
  • Overall pleasant change of body contour
  • Result 5 months post OP

Case 2


Patient with good skin quality – No skin ptosis – Requests body contour correction in lower abdomen and flanks -Result after removal of 1700cc of fat

  • Soft touch technique
  • Good skin retraction
  • Result 3 months post op.

The advantage of laser liposuction technique normally is that there is less pain and bleeding, although oozing of residual injection fluid commonly occurs postoperatively. This is often mistaken for bleeding after the liposuction, but its occurrence is normal and should normally cease within about two days.

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