Possibly yes, however, aesthetic medicine is a widespread field where different treatments are applied for different symptoms. Aesthetic medicine can definitely not replace facelift surgery on a wider range , but we do observe the average “entrance” facelift age for  being slightly on the rise.

Certain aesthetic medical measures, such as dermal fillers, facial resurfacing and mesotherapy, have a preventative effect that can withhold the effects of dermal aging but it cannot withhold the effects of gravity on your face.  I personally feel that in cases of moderate soft tissue sagginess of the face and increasing wrinkling effects effective aesthetic medical measures can herald significant results and enhance appearance, therefore not replacing a facelift, but prolonging the period till such is desired. In patients requiring a facelift, I think the easiest way to describe the difference is to make them aware of the difference between  gravity related changes and changes in the skin structure by aging effects. A facelift tackles the gravity effect, but not the skin structure.

Additionally , the result of a facelift can be considerably enhanced by additional aesthetic measures, so combination of the two can make a lot of sense.

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